Ana Gallardo

(b. 1958, Rosario, Argentina) is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist. She is interested in intuitive and emotional intelligence and her work often explores everyday routines and spaces in order to stimulate sensitivity to the worlds that we have created for ourselves. Her creative process is often collaborative and strives for urgency and immediacy.

The video La casa rodante reveals the ups and downs she experienced with her daughter, Rocío, when they lived for a year in Buenos Aires without a permanent home, moving house month to month with only a suitcase of clothes, a few books, some CDs and a computer. Positioning personal belongings as the symbols that establish our identity, the artist creates a memorial of sorts to the- se worn but beloved personal effects.
Trained by artists such as Victor Grippo or Miguel Dávila, Gallardo has been exhibiting her work in Argentina and internationally since 1987. Her exhibitions include “Sicaria” at Ignacio Liprandi Gallery, Buenos Aires, “Un lugar para vivir cuando seamos viejos” at the Parasol Foundation, London, and “El pedimento” at Alberto Sendros Gallery, Buenos Aires.