Antonia Wright

B. 1979, US
Suddenly We Jumped, 2014
Video, 33″

Taking its inspiration from the words of the Futurist artist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Suddenly We Jumped was originally performed on the grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in December 2013 during Art Basel Miami Beach. This video documents the performance in which the artist appeared to be thrust face-first through suspended sheets of glass overhead. Shot in a 33 second slow-motion loop, the film’s high frame rate enables the viewer to observe a recurring sequence of detail as her naked figure impacts and shatters a pane of glass. This intensified visual metaphor was inspired by Futurist ideals and aesthetics: Suddenly We Jumped is a transformative moment, where Wright’s own body becomes a fully functional, mechanized weapon of simultaneous destruction and creation.

Courtesy of the artist