Daniela Ortiz

B. 1985, Peru
FDTD (Forcible Drugging To Deport), 2012
Video, 5′ 55″

FDTD (Forcible Drugging To Deport) addresses burning issues related to immigration. In 2009, 387,790 people were deported by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. From this total 251,664 deportees had no criminal record. In that same year, 1,188 Peruvian citizens were deported, 813 of these deportees had no criminal record. Since 2003, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has applied forcible drugging for deportations; drugs are administered to people who do not have a psychiatric diagnosis that demand these medications. The sedation is decided by the officers in charge of the deportation process in cases that they considered the detainee showing signs of resistance. Since 2003, deportees have been given doses up to 55 mg of anxiolytics, sedatives, tranquilizers and muscle relaxant drugs. The drugs used are Haldol, Cogentin and Ativan. In 2006, the Peruvian government signed the Free Trade Agreement with United States of America, whose objectives were to eliminate obstacles for trade, consolidating access to goods and services and fostering private investment in and between both countries. The Agreement was implemented on February 1, 2009. (information provided by the artist)

Courtesy of the artist