Jen Denike

B. 1971, US
Lolita Lo, 2013
Video, 5′ 4″

In the video Lolita Lo, Jen DeNike photographed every frame of Kubricks infamous bikini scene in the film Lolita from 1962. The screen flickers as each frame creates a slow seductive montage re-appropriating Lolita from the layers of her masculine captors — Kubrick, Nabokov, Humbert. Positing a distinct feminine gaze suggesting an alternative to cinematic subjectivization that can only be found by anatomizing cinema itself, Lolita Lo interrupts the standard cinematic gaze of the viewer, and in decomposing the gaze Lolita’s subjectivity, lo, emerges as a counter-gaze.

Courtesy of Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles