Jimena Croceri

(b. 1981, Cutral Có, Argentina) is a sculptor, video and performance artist who lives and works in Buenos Aires. Her multidisciplinary practice revolves around the use of the body and the way that it is able to mediate objects and space. Croceri allows her body to perform and interact with materials thus affecting how they are perceived. In the video Mañana despertamos en otro lugar, the viewer is confronted with an empty white spa- ce with no sense of place. A woman comes into view, filmed from above, and starts mysteriously sliding her feet, disturbing the white surface material to reveal another, red space beneath it. Left be- hind are the marks from her ephemeral performance. The act of drawing and redrawing the topography with the body points to the fact that nothing can stay the same. Just as our bodies move through spaces affected by time and the forces around us, they in turn cause ripple effects on our surrounding environments. Croceri studied for her graduate degree in Visual Arts at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte and first took part in an art clinic with Ernesto Ballesteros in 2010, and with Diego Bianchi and Inés Katzenstein during the 2013 Artists’ Program at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.