Karina Peisajovich

(b. 1966, Buenos Aires) creates what she calls ‘light performances.’ She makes environments that push the per-
ception of space with the creation of new luminosity, allowing light to perform and as such to orient or disorient the viewer. Sin Título (1998) is a site-specific project that Peisajovich created specifically for “Auto Body,” Buenos Aires and the Faena Art Center’s Los Mo- linos main exhibition space. She recasts her own body and body of work through the play of light over the projection of a painting she made in 1998. This subtle intervention of light over the surface of an image and the walls of Los Molinos questions how atmospheric shifts affect our bodies and stimulate us as spectators. Light here becomes a performer, morphing and disappearing—a key ele- ment that influences the passing of time and our sense of place. Peisajovich studied at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Peisajovich’s works have been exhibited at the Braga Menéndez Contemporary Art Gallery in Buenos Aires, the Lokalt landskab in Copenhagen and the Casa de America in Madrid.