A Dictionary of Neuropsychology by Diana M. Goodwin (auth.)

By Diana M. Goodwin (auth.)

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BRODMANN'S AREAS 8 & 9: controls voluntary gaze. BRODMANN'S AREAS 8 & 9 lesion: poor voluntary eye gaze. BRODMANN'S AREA 9 lesion: left: impaired response inhibition (perseveration) (Milner, 1964); severe inability to shift response sets on the Wisconsin Card Sort test. BRODMANN'S AREAS 9, 10, 11,45,46, & 47: tertiary zones of the frontal-lobe unit; prefrontal or granular frontal cortex; formation of intentions; integrated area of function ("the superstructure above all other parts of the cerebral cortex" - Luria, 1973b); executive functions.

BRODMANN'SAREA41: primary auditory region in Heschl'sgyrus. BRODMANN'S AREAS 41 & 42: hearing. BRODMANN'S AREAS 42 & 22: secondary auditory zones. BRODMANN'S AREA 43: somatosensory cortex. BRODMANN'S AREA 44 lesion, left: Wernicke's aphasia. BRODMANN'S MAP/NUMBERS: a cytoarchitectonic map of the brain; numbers were assigned randomly as Brodmann located them. BROMINISM: condition of poisoning produced by excessive use of bromine or bromine compound; symptoms include eruption of acne on face and body, headache, coldness of extremities, fetor of breath, sleepiness, and loss of strength and sexual power; called also bromism.

47 c CATAPLEXY: sudden loss of muscle tone provoked by exaggerated emotion such as excessive laughter or anger. May be associated with narcolepsy (70%); head falls forward, jaw drops to open, knees buckle; usual duration from 1 to 2 minutes. CATASTROpmC REACTION: extreme and disruptive transient emotional disturbance; acute, disorganized anxiety, agitation, or tearfulness which disrupts the activity that provoked it; often occurs when patients are confronted with their limitations; most often displayed by left-hemisphere lesioned patients.

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