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A grammar of the Hebrew language by William Henry Green

By William Henry Green

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The Way: Using the Wisdom of Kabbalah for Spiritual Transformation and Fulfillment

Compliment for a way utilizing the knowledge of Kabbalah for religious Transformation and achievement "This publication will encourage your soul. Michael Berg has comprehensive the huge activity of translating the everlasting truths of lifestyles into non secular logic. and not using a doubt,The approach becomes one of many sacred texts of your individual lifestyles.

Sexual and Marital Metaphors in Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel (Oxford Theological Monographs)

Sharon Moughtin-Mumby explores the complicated, and in all likelihood subversive, strength of metaphor as a device of persuasion within the prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible. usually, such language is used to talk of the worship of gods except Yhwh, of bad cultic practices, or of political alliances with overseas countries.

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After all, Akiva is murdered because he violated the Romans' law and did teach Torah. Nonetheless, I am left with an uneasy feeling. And a different, 30 Tradition almost heretical interpretation comes to mind: Is it possible that Akiva is being punished for his innovative interpretations of Torah? Perhaps the whole slant is exactly the reverse of what we have been suggesting up to now: The rabbis, through means of this parable of Moses on Sinai, are suggesting that Akiva went too far. In interpreting Torah so that even Moses could not understand it, Akiva went beyond the range of interpretation "permitted" by tradition and for that he is punished-hence, "Be still!

We guard it and protect it, and from one generation to the next it remains the same. Indeed, that is the nature of its beauty and value-its stability over time. Is that what we mean by tradition, the careful preservation of the past? For the classic Jewish writings, as we shall see, this is a complex and central problem. It is at the very heart of what our ancestors were about-trying to figure out what is being "handed down," what is the nature of tradition? The question of tradition goes beyond the issue of permanence and change.

By turning toward the old ways we can cut through the confusions of our times. One talmudic text tries to deal with this issue: If Torah is increased through the interpretations of its teachers, what then is the relationship between the weight of the past and the demands of the present? Rav Judah taught in the name of Rav: When Moses ascended the mountain, he found the Holy One, blessed be He, occupied in attaching little crowns to the letters of the Torah. " "Turn around," God said. Moses found himself in Akiva's academy and sat in the back to listen to the class.

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