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A Historical-Critical Study of the Book of Obadiah by Ehud Ben Zvi

By Ehud Ben Zvi

This examine of the publication of Obadiah emerges relatively sincerely from fresh advancements in highbrow background and especially contemporary theoretical mirrored image at the interpretation of texts. students comparable to Stanley Fish, Wolfgang Iser, and Umberto Eco concentrated severe consciousness on “the function of the reader” (Eco’s time period) within the construction of the that means of texts. Postmodern sensibility, schooled via Jacques Derrida’s software of deconstruction, has fostered conventions of examining that imagine the indeterminacy of texts and luxuriate in textual ambiguities. Interpretive tendencies deriving severally from New feedback and Russian Formalism be aware of the classy constitution of the textual content instead of extra-textual elements influencing its composition. Professor Ben Zvi brings jointly those advancements to shape a application of interpretation directed to the traditional e-book of Obadiah. the center of Ben Zvi’s idea is to concentration severe recognition at the unique readers of the ebook.

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Despite its having an obvious resemblance with the prophetic messenger formula in Obad 1, is consistent with (literary) conventions found only in the Book of Jeremiah. 10d; JM § 133b, 133d. " But see DCH, I, 268b, for a substantial number of instances of the latter. (In any case, the expression in Obadiah is X-1? ) The Prophetic Messenger Formula 25 "concerning to Edom" or "to Edom") is most appropriate, the expression creates an ambiguity that channels the attention of the (re)readers to the issue of the relation between YHWH and Edom.

See, for instance, Marti (1904: 231), Smith (1906: 135), Sellin (1929: 278) Rudolph (1931: 222-23), Weiser (1974: 208). On a more theoretical approach to cohesion, see, for instance, R e n k e m a (1993: 35 and passim); de Beaugrande and Dressier (1981: passim). Cf. Bewer (1911/65: 37). , M a s i n e (1937: 75); Wolf (1986: 31, 33), Watts (1981: 34, 44). See NJB, N J P S V . ) It has also been proposed that the original place of the prophetic messenger f o r m u l a was before the word iDlp. See R u d o l p h (1971: 301), Weimar (1985: 42-43).

Needless to say, even a tentative decision concerning the theme and genre of the text strongly influences the following reading. 119 One may assume also that, in one way or another, writers at that time were aware that such is the case. This assumption is widely confirmed by reading the first words of many works of antiquity. 120 Since prophetic books were 115 116 117 118 119 120 Cf. Isa 31:8 and Ezek 32:22; Jer 48:4 with Jer 48:42,46. c-d. In this regard see Dick (1984: 8). Other explanations for tne presence of r r t s have been advanced.

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