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A manual of the Aramaic language of the Babylonian Talmud: by Max Margolis

By Max Margolis

PREFACE way back to 18~4, Professor H~R,.'SANN L. S'l'RAClC, {If the college of Berlin 1 who ]la.d fa.vorably spotted my firEt tv-o guides, either facing t]1O textual ('riticism of the Talmud, suggeste(l to me the writing nf a piece to aU intents a.nd pnrposos related' to the vresent one. The plan used to be elahorMtell intimately, and 1 aetu<'llly 1907="" commenced="" work="" on="" u·="" number="" of="" larger="" texts.="" soon,="" however,="" i="" realized="" that="" with="" the="" meaus="" at="" my="" dis·="" posnl="" it="" ,vas="" impossible="" for="" me="" to="" arrive="" (l,="" satisfactory="" form="" text.="" lioreover,="" professional="" lying="" in="" other="" t1irections,="" was="" forced="" aba.ndoll="" tbe="" time="" being="" ;111="" t]lolight="" prosecuting="" this="" plan.="" vllcn="" jn="" autumn="" visited="" germany,="" prof.="" strack="" urged="" mc="" let="" go="" a="" while="" septua.gint="" studies="" and="" t.o="" resume="" tllat="" long="" neglect.ell.="" piece="" 'l'almudic="" work.="" 'vith="" aid="" .t="""" .="" se~l's="" :i;~n="" ;"1"ilrp,="" israt;.l="" ~hchels'r;d'l"s="" p~i'="" ",~,="" moyse="" scl
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CONTENTS; Grammar; creation (§ 1-3); The Aramaic Idiom of the Babylonian Talmud Its; position generally Aramaic ; Script and Orthography ; lIeans of }'ixing the V ccalization ; I Phonology (§ 4-7); The Consonants and their Cbanges · ·; The Vowels and their adjustments · · · Syllabic Loss lack of Sounds via Col1ocation; of 'Vords within the Sentence ; The accessory · · ·; II Morphology (§ 8-41); A The Pronoun (§ 8-11); own Pronoun · ·; Demonstrative Pronoun; ReJative Pronoun · · · Interrogath'c Pronoun ·; B The Noun (§ 12-23); (a) The :8ominal Steme (§ 12-1S); · ·; · · ·; · · ·; ·; · · ·; IJnge; 1; three; 7; eight; 10; 15; 15; sixteen; 17; 18; IS; § 12 PrcJiolinary comments 19; § thirteen § 14 'l'riconsonanlal ~ominal Stems with Yowel Gr:lc13tion 22; § t five 'With the center Hadical Geminate 22; § sixteen, 'Vith Prefixcs '25; § 17, Plurieonsonantal Stems 25; § 18 Denominati"es shaped via me:lnS o~ Aftortnath-c8 2G; (b) Inflection (§ 19-22); § t nine Infleetiona} Endings , • , ,

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Pi. f. m. 513K f. m. lams, inns pit <"S d 4/ a The accent shifted to the inflectional element is the cause of the reduction of the second stem vowel, cf. the corresponding forms of the imperf. Imperfect, Imperative, and Infinitive. 30. Imperative, and Infinitive. 30. Imperfect, 3"B (pits) 39 4; pima tptji oip^a , an Blpa, plB po pa^a, ^ 5m. r || * 5r. || SPin of artificially increasing the pensative production (5#). , the gemination for the purpose volume of the form. A mixed form from || || With com-,r3 and an^.

Come is formed from the Causative Stem. actionis, actionis of the Intensive from the Hebrew; 28. 21. (mif al) is the form of the ! 17. || III. infin. of the Simple Stem. Plnriconsonantal Stems. 17. a. v), x>i:i; xT:m; f. xWtt, With dissimilation pV'p. (4A): vpnyn and 7"m, the and Kn^tB^W simplification may also pv (5rfp); take place at the end in front of the fern, ending: b. flfl: xnp^p. ing to this category c. d. f. From stems with 2 as second radical (accordAn old form of 4ft; 5d): X3D1D, *yhh, X3T"l.

VI. *w || corresponds to the 9. form. X. XT. With shortened stem. 15. 15. b. P Cf. 5p. With the middle radical geminate (s. a || Tab. IV, p. 23). seems to come from the Hebrew. 1 5. forms denominatives. Some nouns of this formation betray an affinity with the Intensive Stem (Q^p D*pE xnspn nomen actionis}; the same holds good of 20. ). 16. 18. form adjectives; 16. and 17. adjectives of color. In 18. and prob. , the gemination seems to be unorganic. 14. = ; Continued on p. 25. 15. Nouns with the middle radical geminate.

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