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A New Approach to the Vedas: An Essay in Translation and by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

By Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Publication by means of Ananda ok. Coomaraswamy

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Far too much stress has been laid upon his birth in Galilee : in reality “ there is no time where this birth befalls,” “ this birth remains in the Father eternally . . , I, 4, 10. Conceive Him then not as a man but as Universal Man, Person, Fire, or Light: or for easier comparison, as the Lamb of God, for it may be easier to see that sacrificial Iamb and sacrificial horse or bull are equivalent illumin­ ations of the understanding. Agnus Dei, Agni Deva. As for mithuna, “ progenitive pair,” and maithuna, " begetting ” : generation can only be spoken of with reference to the interaction of conjoint principles, these being here, as also in Christian theology, the Knower and the Known, the Act and the Potentiality of Under­ standing : “ the Holy Ghost was gotten in the Word with this same Intellect,” Eckhart, I, 381 and 407, " that by which the Father begets is the divine nature .

Partly of verbal sense (ambhah, salila = apah, tapasah-mahi = tejas, svadha = maya, iakti, svabhdva),*8 and partly of total statement. , 1, 1, 2. As for rajas, granted that no more is here directly implied than " firmament ” or “ space,” and that the Samkhya as a formulated system is of later publication,100 it still remains significant that in our hymn (not to speak of other Vedic sources) we have a trinity of terms (tamas, rajas, and tapasah-mahi — tejas = sattva)101 employed in their correct factorial (gauna) senses to denote the principles of passivity, movement, and essentiality, “ later ” represented by the three gunas more explicitly, and by the corresponding Trinity of Vi§nu, Brahma, and Siva.

VI, 15-16, “ for the Brahman has two forms, Time (kola) and the Timeless (akala),” ibid. That is, while the Son “ remains within as essence and goes forth as Person . . things flowed forth finite into time while abiding infinite in eternity . . in this image, everything is God; sour and sweet, good and bad, all are one in this image,” Eckhart, I, 271, 285, 286. “ Death yawned upon him,” *1 that is upon the new­ born Year, now God has taken on mortality, nirrtim a viveia, Rg Veda, 1, 164, 32 : existence, life, is a modality of being naturally subject to mortality, “ sure is death for the bom, sure is birth for the dead," Bhagavad Gita, II, 27, cf.

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