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A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras: Selections from the by Garma C.C. Chang

By Garma C.C. Chang

The Maharatnakuta Sutra is without doubt one of the 5 significant sutra teams within the Mahayana canon. Of the 2 nice faculties of Buddhism, Mahayana has the best variety of adherents world wide -- it prevails one of the chinese language, jap, Koreans, Tibetans, and Vietnamese -- and includes inside of it a couple of events, significantly Zen, that have been of starting to be curiosity within the West in fresh many years.

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She m ust have served and made offerings to countless Buddhas, and planted good roots o f every kind in their p re se n c e . After the B uddha had finished speaking this sutra, the layw om an G angottara and all the gods, humans, asuras, gandharvas, and so forth w ere jubilant over the B u d d h a’s teaching. T hey acceptcd it w ith faith, and began to follow it with \*cncration. NOTES 1. T he w o rd ‘n a tu re ’ here is a translation o f the Chinese character 相 ,w hich is m ore often rendered as ‘sign ,,‘a ttribute ,,‘characteristic ,,‘appea ran c e ' ‘fo rm ,,etc.

M anjusri im m ediately perform ed a miraculous feat that caused the god Su­ guna and all others in the assembly to believe that they had arrived at the palace o f the Tusita Heaven. T here they saw gardens, w oods, magnificent palaces and m an ­ sions w ith sum ptuous tiers o f railings and w indow s, high and spacious tw en ty storied tow ers w ith jewelled nets and curtains, celestial flowers covering the ground, various w onderful birds hovering in flocks and warbling, and celestial maidens in the air scattering flowers o f the coral tree, singing verses in chorus, and playing merrily.

W orld -H o n o red O ne, if the nature o f the defilements w ere different fro m the nature o f the state o f B uddhahood, then it could n o t be said that the B uddha abides in the equality o f all things. It is because the nature o f the defile­ m ents is the very nature o f the state o f B uddhahood that the Tathagata is said to abide in e q u a lity . ” "Em ptiness is said to exist [only] in w ords and language. Because there is emptiness, there are desire, hatred, and ignorance. T h e B u d d h a has said, ‘Monks!

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