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Advanced MOS Device Physics by Norman G. Einspruch

By Norman G. Einspruch

Includes contributions from a dozen pros from the deepest region and academia. Discusses a number of equipment physics subject matters of specific curiosity to and collage researchers in electric engineering, desktop technological know-how, and digital fabrics. Emphasizes actual description, mode

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In general, p~ channel devices continue to be fabricated using ndoped polysilicon gates. The most c o m m o n method used to set a suitable /7-channel threshold voltage is p-type (boron) ion implantation. -type layer at the channel surface [23]. -channel doping profile is shown in Fig. 9a, while Fig. 9b shows the vertical 56 Alan G. Lewis and John Y. Chen log of net d o p i n g concentration A shallow p-type i m p l a n t depth potential t potential m i n i m u m at buried channel depth Fig. 9.

The pseudo-two-dimensional analysis presenĀ­ ted in the following circumvents these problems. The original pseudo-two-dimensional model was proposed by Elmansy [41]. Ko et al [42, 43] subsequently introduced an enhanced version that incorporated the effects of velocity saturation and junction depth. It has been used successfully in modeling a variety of hot-carrier effects [44-47]. A simplified form that retains the essence of this approach will be presented here. A schematic diagram of the VSR is shown in Fig.

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