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An Index to Aquila: Greek-Hebrew, Hebrew-Greek, by Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

By Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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Xci (xcii) 15 α'ε' (P. Katz, Studia Patristica I, 1957, p. 351) ; vm hiph. Is. lv 10. γένος fT? Gen. i 12. T Is. xxxvii 2 Ier. xxxiii (xxvi) 17 syr. Γεσέμ ψ Gen. xlvii 6 α'σ'θ'. Γετθΐτις RRFI? Ps. viii 1 α'θ'. γεΰμα Num. xi 8 α'σ' syr bis. Ps. xxxiii (xxxiv) 1 α'ε' cxviii (cxix) 66 α'ε'. γεωργός Ioel i 11 Is. lxi 5 α'θ'. γη Ή·£ Number of occurrences : Gen. 15 Exod. 2 Lev. 1 Num. 1 Deut. 5 Ios. 3 Regn. 5 Ps. 20 Pr. 2 lob 4 Os. 1 Am. 1 Hab. 1 Zach. 1 Is. 36 Ier. 40 Thr. 1 Ez. 13 γης έντέρω Ps. lvii (lviii) 9 γέαι filing Lev.

Vutt hiph. Pr. xix 19 α'θ'. άφαιρεΐσθαι pass. niph. lob xiii 2 OL αλλ'. Άφαδανώ Da. xi 45. άφαίρεμα ΤΙφΊφ Exod. xxv 2 xxxv 24 Regn. II i 21 Pr. xxix 4 α'θ'. άφανίζειν Van pi. Ca. ii 15 ; nfctf Ier. x 25 syr. άφανίζεσθαι pass. TOT niph. Ier. xxix (xlvii) 5 ; Ώΐρψ Is. )σ'θ' xlix 8 α' Eus. (OL γ' ·*· Q ) ; OtfJ Ez. vi 4 ·χ· α'θ' ; ΓΠ0 niph. Ier. xxix 8 (xlix 7) syr. ; ptc. ρΉ0? Deut. xxxii 10 Regn. I xxiii 19 xxiii 24 xxvi 1 3 Ps. lxvii (lxviii) 8 ; ptc. Is. lxii 4 α'σ'θ' Ier. xxx (xlix) 2 α'σ' xxxix (xxxii) 43 α'σ' ; ptc.

Xv 17 syr. xxiii 39 ·χ· α'σ'θ' xxxii 23 (xxv 37) ·χ· α'σ'θ' ; ^DVp 'te-bm Ier. xvi 17 ·χ· α'θ'. Ier. xv 1 ·χ· xxiii 39 ·χ· α'σ'θ'. άποβλέπειν ]1V poel. Iud. ix 37 α' (θ') ; hiph. Ps. xxxiii (xxxiv) 6 (leg. w a g pro w a n ) ; *)pv Regn. Ill vi 4 vii 4. 26 AN INDEX TO AQUILA απόβλητος neut. VflB Lev. vii 18 xix 7 ; neut. plur. ρΦξΠ Ca. vii 4 (5). άπόβρεξις rnttffc Num. vi 3 α'σ'. άπογινώσκειν W*T niph. Regn. I xxvii 1 Ier. ii 25 syr. ; pass. ptc. tin* (leg. tfXTl) Ier. 3 Is. xiv 22 (α')σ' Lu-RA.

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