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An introduction to the Cabala : tree of life by Warren Kenton

By Warren Kenton

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Some modern Cabalists not only describe this transition point as the entry into what is known as the supernal triad of Kether, Hochma and Binah, but ascribe this position to the recently discovered planet Pluto.

Passion had blunted judgement and this temptation has sent more than just illicit lovers to the wall. Mars's armour is very interesting. The function of these plates of metal and leather is to prevent hurt, to limit injury and protect the body. It does, however, constrict the wearer, set a clear boundary between the hard exterior and soft inner body. It is said by Cabalists that Gevura not only makes severe judgements if not balanced by merciful Hesed, but over-confines the potent energy coming from the positive side of the Tree.

This includes all the senses which can be directed and respond or reverberate to incoming data. Beside the obvious five receptors man is not only sensitive to heat, smell, sound and all other physical impressions, he is also open to the meaning contained within the sound of words, music, the marks seen as mathematics, symbols and forms. A man may receive physical, emotional and intellectual stimuli; all of which need to be communicated to the interior world of the organism. Thus a remarkable abstract concept, or the sight of a naked girl.

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