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Analysis and Computation of Electric and Magnetic Field by K. J. Binns

By K. J. Binns

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Also, all of the flux from the charge at A now passes into the cylinder, which acquires a net charge of —q. For this to be possible, the image charge at the centre must change to zero, leaving the other image charge of — q at B, and the potential of the cylinder changes to zero as a result of the removal of image charge from the centre. Finally, it is interesting to note that the image solutions for charges or currents near circular boundaries reduce, as the radius tends to infinity, to those for an infinite straight-line boundary.

Doublets: circular cylinder in a uniform field Doublets. e. by a combination of an infinite positive charge (or current) and an infinite negative charge (or current), an infinitesimal distance apart, so arranged that the product of charge and distance is finite. Before examining its influence on the uniform field, the field of a doublet is first developed from a consideration of that of line charges, and then the images of doublets for plane and circular boundaries are obtained. All field functions are expressed in complex variable form because of its convenience in calculation.

The magnetic forces act only on the surface poles, and since fx — oo, eqns. 116) and F = 0. T Hence the force, which is normal to the boundary at any point, is obtained by integrating the square of the field strength along the boundary. References 1. G . LIEBMANN, Electrical analogues, Br. J. Appl. Phys. 4 , 1 9 3 ( 1 9 5 3 ) . 2. E. BILLIG, The calculation of the magnetic field of rectangular conductors in a closed slot and its application to the reactance of transformer windings, Proc. Instn.

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