Angel Creek by Sally Rippin

By Sally Rippin

What do you do if you happen to locate an angel with a damaged wing? There are just issues Jelly likes concerning the new condo on Rosemary highway: the outdated apricot tree and the creek over the again fence. One evening, Jelly and her cousins spot anything within the creek's darkish waters. at the beginning they suspect it is a fowl, however it isn't…it's a child angel with a damaged wing. They choose to preserve it. yet Jelly quickly discovers that you just cannot simply take anything from the place it belongs and count on that it will not be neglected. Sally Rippin's Angel Creek is a ebook approximately being courageous and egocentric and difficult and scared. it is a e-book approximately an angel, approximately transforming into up. And concerning the striking issues that take place in the summertime prior to highschool starts off. 'Hideaways, rescues, damaged principles, and a woman who needs to safeguard anything fragile and helpful and out of this world…I enjoyed this book.' Martine Murray

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Dad shouted at me for being out at night without asking them, but they think we were just at the playground. ’ He paused. ’ ‘Of course she will,’ said Jelly, but her heart felt squeezed. ‘What about the angel? We didn’t leave it any food or water,’ she said. ‘We’ll go tomorrow morning,’ Gino mumbled. ’ But Jelly wasn’t so sure. It was such a little thing. So small and skinny and afraid. And now she didn’t know who she was more worried about: Nonna or the angel. At least Nonna had people with her.

She’d never give Jack the satisfaction. Besides, Gino was in the shed, so she wasn’t in it alone. And, most importantly, the angel was safe. ‘Let’s go,’ Jack said, swinging his gangly leg over his bike. Budgie followed, but the new boy hesitated. ‘I’m heading down to the creek for a bit,’ he called out. ’ Then he glided off in the other direction. When Jack and Budgie were out of sight, he looped back. From her place in the shade, Jelly watched him untwist the wood from the wire fence. He had long brown fingers with grubby bitten nails.

She was the one looking after it. It was hers, not Gino’s. All the way back to her house Gino walked ahead of Jelly, and Pik skipped to keep up. They didn’t speak to each other once. 6 a silver heart ‘Shhh,’ Maureen said as they came in the back door, even though they hadn’t actually said anything yet. She was sitting on the couch with Sophia, watching cartoons with the sound down low. ‘Your mum and dad are home, Jelly. ’ Jelly asked. ’ Gino asked. ‘Well,’ said Maureen, turning to face him. ‘The strangest thing just happened.

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