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AQA GCSE design and technology : textiles technology by Rose Sinclair; Hermione Lewis

By Rose Sinclair; Hermione Lewis

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Each time a new design is created it produces a unique material, so no two products are alike. This is due to the nature of the process that Riedizioni employs. com Summary Profile Riedizioni continues to look for strategies to reduce waste after their production process. Ethical designers have to be knowledgeable in their specialist, sustainable areas in order for their concerns and beliefs to touch the mass market. Riedizioni, owned by Luisa Cevese, is a textile and research-based company in Italy.

Which garment was made better? Evaluate – to consider the success of the product. Modify – to change the form or quality of something; usually only slightly – ‘we had to modify the original design’. Reflect – to give evidence of other individuals’ or groups’ opinions or views on the final product. Study – to analyse and evaluate information and ideas. Test – a process to ensure that standards are met. Evaluation should be carried out throughout your project/design folder. The examining board states that ‘in order to design and make a textile product that meets the requirements of the design brief and will sell well to the public, you have to keep checking that your ideas will work through the project’.

Cc You should consider how your materials, components and processes have ‘combined’ to form a quality product that is fit for purpose. Refer to the working properties of the materials to support your decisions. cc You need to outline realistic and detailed modifications to your work. Use sketches with notes, as well as modelling, to support your points. Any improvements you make should be creative and refer to innovation, environmental and sustainability issues. 56 Activity Take a photograph of a textile product you have designed and made and an existing product used for the same purpose.

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