At Long Last by Shawn Lane

By Shawn Lane

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Scotty walked back to the bed and sat next to him. He shook him further awake. " Preston grumbled. "Let's play hooky from work today. It's Friday. You could call in sick and I can say I'm out in the field all day doing investigative stuff. " Morro Bay in Central California was Scotty's favorite location in the world. Someday he hoped to live there. He loved the idea of going there with Preston. Preston rubbed his eyes with his fists and then sat up. He frowned. "What the hell? What are you talking about?

He paused while pulling on his T-shirt. " Scott nodded. "Me, too. " Scotty bit his lip, and then looked away. "It's nothing. I think I'm going to take a quick shower. " Something was bothering Scotty and Preston had a good idea what it was. He wanted to talk about their having sex. Problem was, Preston just wasn't ready for that. And he didn't want to say anything to send Scott away. The younger man looked ready to bolt. He couldn't explain to himself this absurd reaction he had to Scott, let alone explain it to Scott.

Scotty gestured with his shoulder behind him. "Great views, fabulous food. Been there for years. It's my favorite place. " Preston's gaze met his and held it for several seconds. " Preston shook his head. " They stood up and headed back up the hill to the restaurant. Scotty didn't miss at all that they walked several feet apart. [Back to Table of Contents] 60 At Long Last by Shawn Lane CHAPTER 7 Scott sighed and stretched dramatically when they returned to the motel room. "Boy, am I bushed. " Preston frowned, watching him head into the bathroom and close the door.

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