Barron's AP Chinese Language and Culture by Yan Shen M.A.

By Yan Shen M.A.

This brand-new handbook prepares scholars for a subject matter that has simply been extra to the complicated Placement application. Separate sections evaluate all components of the hot examination: Listening, analyzing, Grammar, talking, and tradition. every one part additionally comprises workouts, and the listening and analyzing sections contain perform questions with resolution keys and resolution reasons. The booklet displays the AP exam's criteria, offering questions in either conventional and simplified chinese language characters. full-length perform assessments are awarded with solution keys. Enclosed with the handbook are 3 audio compact discs, which current spoken fabric protecting the exam's Listening and talking sections.

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What is the passage mainly about? What is the speaker talking about? Which of these titles fits the passage best? Use the listening selection below to practice focusing on key words and identifying the main idea. [Traditional-character version] ᧯ߛբᆖၞԵ෼‫ז‬Գऱ‫س‬੒հխΔ‫ګ‬㻽Գଚֲൄ‫س‬੒խऱԫଡૹ૞ຝ։Ζ ‫ڇ‬խഏΔᆖൄ೶‫ߛ᧯ף‬ሎ೯ऱԳᑇਢ᜔ԳՑऱ18%Δۖ‫׊‬ຍଡֺࠏᝫ‫ڇ‬լឰᏺ ९Ζ‫ڇ‬ᆖᛎֺለ࿇ሒऱഏ୮խΔֺ‫ڕ‬ભഏΔᆖൄ೶‫ߛ᧯ף‬ሎ೯ऱԳ‫ڍޓ‬Ζ᧯ߛ ‫ش‬،௽‫ڶ‬ऱփ୲ࡉ‫֧ܮڤݮ‬Ա။ࠐ။‫ڍ‬ऱԳΔ᠆༄ԱԳଚऱ‫س‬੒փ୲Δᏺ㺞Ա Գଚऱ᧯ᔆΖ [Simplified-character version] ԧ㚆Ꮖ㒣䖯ܹ⦄ҷҎⱘ⫳⌏ПЁˈ៤ЎҎӀ᮹ᐌ⫳⌏ЁⱘϔϾ䞡㽕䚼ߚDŽ ೼Ё೑ˈ㒣ᐌখࡴԧ㚆䖤ࡼⱘҎ᭄ᰃᘏҎষⱘ18%ˈ㗠Ϩ䖭Ͼ↨՟䖬೼ϡᮁ๲ 䭓DŽ೼㒣⌢↨䕗থ䖒ⱘ೑ᆊЁˈ↨བ㕢೑ˈ㒣ᐌখࡴԧ㚆䖤ࡼⱘҎ᳈໮DŽԧ㚆 ⫼ᅗ⡍᳝ⱘ‫ݙ‬ᆍ੠ᔶᓣ਌ᓩњ䍞ᴹ䍞໮ⱘҎˈЄᆠњҎӀⱘ⫳⌏‫ݙ‬ᆍˈ๲ᔎњ ҎӀⱘԧ䋼DŽ 2.

But also on the contrary if not A, it’s B; either A or B either . . or would rather; better it’s better . . than . . though; although it’s just that even though so long as only if . . no matter . . even if . . still . . even . . still . . because . . , therefore . . 6/26/2009 2:36:28 PM Listening Comprehension ࢬ‫ א‬. . ਢ‫ڂ‬㻽 . . (᠔ҹ . . ᰃ಴Ў) ᮶✊ . . ህ ҹ֓ . . ” Students can find examples for each phrase in that chapter. Distinguishing between interrogative and rhetorical questions is another key listening skill.

The woman is at the man’s place returning a dictionary, but he is not there. 3) What are they talking about? Lending dictionaries, checking out books, climbing a mountain, and doing mathematics homework. Making inferences helps students analyze information that is not directly expressed, but implied. Students not only have to listen for the literal meanings of individual words but also understand their implied meanings. Using this strategy, students can make guesses or assumptions about speakers’ purposes and attitudes.

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