Bedding the Heiress by Cathy Maxwell

By Cathy Maxwell

When a loathsome rake steals certainly one of her so much adored relations heirlooms—and approximately her advantage as well!—Francesca Dunroy devises the best plan to place him in his position. At a ball being held in her honor—she did not "take" in her first season, now her kin is decided to get her a fit in her second—she'll provide him a clandestine kiss guaranteed to persuade him to come back what's rightfully hers. yet at midnight hallways surrounding the ballroom, Francesca makes a terrifying mistake. She seduces the incorrect man!

The recipient of Francesca's caresses is none except Justin Maddox, London's newly titled duke and such a lot eligible bachelor. A defiant Scotsman who disdains London society, he is sworn to guide away from the women of the ton, yet he cannot get away the reminiscence of Francesca urgently urgent her lips upon his . . . and neither can she. but if a stunning and unsafe mystery from Justin's previous resurfaces, the couple should chance tattered reputations and treacherous enemies to nurture what has speedy develop into real love.

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A servant walked by with a tray of iced champagne and Francesca reached for one, needing it for forti- Bedding the Heiress 53 tude and to have something, anything to keep between herself and the duke. He moved toward the clump of pines by the corner of the garden wall. It was private there and dark. Too dark. She dug in her heels, conscious that Regina and her father had come out on the garden terrace to keep an eye on them. ” To her relief, he stopped. She gripped the stem of her wineglass. ” he asked.

I have to go,” she answered, her voice barely able to speak beyond that dry throat. She stepped back, her fingers finally able to tie the bow of her laces tight. ” She bumped the door and then quickly turned and yanked it open before she changed her mind. She charged out into the hallway, anxious to escape—and walked right into Penthorpe. Chapter 3 knew you were in there,” Penthorpe said with a note of triumph. He leaned one hand against the door frame, preventing her escape. ” Francesca leaned against the door, grabbing the handle with one hand behind her back, afraid Justin would attempt to come out.

But the duke wasn’t interested in protocol. “Not until you answer my questions. You were meeting Penthorpe in that library. ” Rebellion rose inside Francesca. She’d had enough of heavy-handed males. She was tired of her father’s expectations of immediate obedience in spite of his own transgressions. She now had to cope with Penthorpe’s ordering her around, knowing that if she didn’t obey, he could disgrace her. But she didn’t have to answer to the Duke of Bedding the Heiress 57 Colster. And she wouldn’t.

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