Benjamin Franklin by Edmund S. Morgan

By Edmund S. Morgan

I used to be sorely disillusioned via Edmund Morgan's biography of Benjamin Franklin. regardless of having America's such a lot inventive, humorous, and engaging Founding Father, probably moment simply to George Washington in value, Ben comes throughout uninteresting and leaden in Morgan's account. i discovered little of Ben's humor and heat during this booklet. whereas it coated Franklin's medical and diplomatic efforts in nice element, it spoke little of the way Ben helped make America...indeed, i discovered little to turn out him a Founding Father. I persevered throughout the interminable remedy of pre-Revolutionary Franklin, hoping for an outstanding therapy of the innovative conflict and the Constitutional conference, merely to be thoroughly dissatisfied. In sum, i think that i do know purely marginally extra approximately Ben after analyzing this e-book; i am hoping Issacson's account illuminates Ben higher.

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He and Keimer’s other employees, free to talk about the man in their Friday meetings, must have agreed that he was hard to work for. At any rate one of them, Hugh Meredith, quit along with Franklin, and the two of them set up their own printing business, with help from Meredith’s father. 001-046 5/13/02 11:02 AM Page 44 Carolina. Within two years of leaving Keimer, Franklin had not only become the sole proprietor of a thriving printing business but had won all the official printing for the colony, bought the newspaper Keimer had just started (they were right about Keimer, he was a born loser), and opened a stationery and book shop.

Before he reached his twentieth birthday Franklin had lived in several such places: Boston, Philadelphia, London. When he returned to Philadelphia in , he stayed for thirty-one years and knew himself as a confirmed Philadelphian, a Pennsylvanian, and an American. 047-070 5/13/02 11:05 AM Page 50 Pennsylvania and America during much of his life away from them, in England (– and –) and in France (– ). He was in England long enough to think at times of making himself into an Englishman, and he occasionally thought also of returning to New England, while his friends in France would gladly have kept him there.

001-046 5/13/02 11:02 AM Page 27 city and state certainly needed the best efforts of its citizens. So did the United States, and Franklin was in Paris, winning the alliance that secured American independence. Jefferson was fully cognizant of the situation, but he thought that Rittenhouse (and presumably Franklin too) should be pursuing the scientific experiments that others were less capable of performing. “Tho’ I have been aware,” he wrote, “of the authority our cause [the Revolution] would acquire with the world from it’s being being known that yourself and Doctr.

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