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Bescherelle : La conjugaison pour tous (Bescherelle) French by Frederique Hatier

By Frederique Hatier

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Dante, as cited in Arendt, 1998, p. 175) Also see (Arendt, 1998, p. 312). ” Lederach, 2005, p. 24–26). ’” (Lederach, 2005, p. 27) Giving emphasis to “the necessity of the creative act,” he characterizes moral imagination as “the capacity to give birth to something new that in its very birthing changes our world and the way we see things” (Lederach, 2005, p. 27). 11 “The Scarf ” in this Introduction is in reference to Al Busairi’s poem, Qasidah Burdah, and alludes to the stories of the emergence of this poem.

Empathy is ‘the capacity to think and feel oneself into the inner life of another person’ (Kohut, 1984, quoted in DeYoung, 2003, p. 50). 1 Naturally I will judge, I will acknowledge those judgements to myself, sometimes bracket them, sometimes share them, depending on what is appropriate. However, empathy opens up a space for the beholding, without immediate evaluation, of another’s narrative, for sitting with it and accepting its impact, what I would describe as witnessing. And I am convinced of (have indeed personally experienced) the transformative possibilities that come from having our stories being truly recognised and having that recognition empathically reflected back to us.

25). In listing the key elements which tie my work as writer, researcher and therapist together, I do not mean to create a mere list of skill sets, rather they are the quintessence of all three. They are dynamic, open to enquiry and development according to place and over time.  5–6). I have taken as my starting point the concept of ‘a/r/tography’. ’ For her the word ‘a/r/tography’ is broken down as: ‘a’ representing artistwriter; ‘r’ representing researcher; ‘t’ representing teacher; and ‘graphy’ representing K.

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