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Beyond the Essene Hypothesis: The Parting of the Ways by Gabriele Boccaccini

By Gabriele Boccaccini

Revered student Gabriele Boccaccini the following deals readers a brand new and not easy view of the ideology of the Qumran sect, the group heavily comparable with the lifeless Sea Scrolls. Boccaccini strikes past the Essene speculation and posits a different courting among what he phrases "Enochic Judaism" and the crowd frequently often called the Essenes. development his case on what the traditional documents let us know in regards to the Essenes and on a scientific research of the records chanced on at Qumran, Boccaccini argues that the literature betrays the center of an historical and targeted number of moment Temple Judaism. Tracing the improvement of this practice, Boccaccini exhibits that the Essene neighborhood at Qumran was once fairly the offspring of the Enochic social gathering, which in flip contributed to the delivery of events led through John the Baptist and Jesus. Convincingly argued, this paintings would definitely spark clean debate within the dialogue at the Qumran neighborhood and their recognized writings.

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Judas, Menaemus, and Simon prophesied the duration of the king's power, in the case of Menaemus and Simon at the king's request and in his presence, face-to-face. Even more striking is the political career of John the Essene. While Judas, Menaemus, and Simon were basically prophets and religious teachers, John was one of the six generals to whom the defense of Palestine was entrusted in the first year of the Jewish war, when the leadership of the revolt was still in the hands of the Jewish aristocracy of Jerusalem.

24. P. Sacchi, Jewish Apocalyptic and Its History, ttans. W. J. Short, JSPSup 20 (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1997); cf. G. Boccaccini, "Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition: The Conü'ibution of Italian Scholarship," in J. J. Collins and J. H. , Mysteries and Revelations: Apocalyptic Studies since the Uppsala Colloquium, JSPSup 9 (Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1991) 33-50. A presentation of Enochic Judaism for the nonspecialist is provided by M. Barker, The Lost Prophet: The Book of Enoch and Its Influence on Christianity (Nashville: Abingdon, 1988).

The Essenes separate themselves from the city community and live not "in villages" (Gk. kömas, accusative) but "villagewise" (Gk. kômëdon, adverb), that is, in communities or districts, in order to avoid any "contact" (Gk. prosbole) with the impious way of life of those who belong to the city community. In a way that is consistent with both the Philonic passages, Josephus uses the Greek verb metoikeo ("to found a colony") to describe the Essene settlements. "There is not one town [Gk. polis] of them only, but in every town [Gk.

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