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Biochemical Basis of Medicine by EriC.D. Wills (Auth.)

By EriC.D. Wills (Auth.)

Booklet by way of Wills, Eric D

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These receptors are specific for release amino acids into the plasma in peptide hormones such as glucagon or insulin conditions of starvation. The two-way process or for steroids. An important consequence must clearly be regulated and this is normally of the binding of many hormones to the achieved by the action of hormones such as membrane receptor is the activation of the insulin. Similar considerations apply to the enzyme adenylate cyclase which catalyses the subcellular organelles such as the nucleus and formation of cyclic AMP from ATP.

Different types of phospholipids can be used to construct the artificial membrane and many different molecules can be incorporated within the globule or added to the surrounding medium. Experiments with liposomes and natural membranes, such as the red-blood-cell membrane, have shown that membranes readily discriminate between anions and cations. Fixed positive changes in the membranes, presumably associated with the nitrogen of the phospholipids, impose a severe restriction on the movement of cations.

Alternatively, lysosomes can be studied histochemically. In these methods described in Chapter 1 very thin frozen sections are cut in a special cryostat. g. glycerol 3-phosphate for acid phosphatase) and kept at the optimum pH for a specified time. The product of the enzyme reaction, which is formed at the site of lysosomal enzyme activity, is visualized by a specific staining method {see Fig. 4). Recently it has become possible to make quantitative measurements using this method (cf. Chapter 1).

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