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2 WITH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE DAMAGED CORTEX The size of the neurons is reduced (atrophy). The surface of the brain cortex is reduced. covers the nerve fibers. In multiple sclerosis, the immune system macrophages remove sections of myelin and leave the nerve fiber uncovered, which causes nerve impulses to travel slowly or not at all. NERVE FIBER 64 MOST COMMON DISEASES ATLAS VISUAL DE LA CIENCIA CUERPO HUMANO II 65 Bone Degeneration Rheumatoid Arthritis In this autoimmune disease, the immune system, triggered by some antigen in a predisposed person, begins to ecause joints are made to function in very specific ways, any abnormal movement tends to cause injury.

Many are bacterial and can be treated with the ingestion of fluids or antibiotics, but others can be caused by a problem of the digestive system. I Stomach LIVER GASTRIC VILLI This image shows the walls of the duodenum where the gastric villi can be seen. Intestinal Inflammation Intestinal inflammations include ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. They can be caused by an attack of the immune system on the body's own tissues or by genetic predisposition. Symptoms include fever, blood loss, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

One reason for this epidemic of modernity is the obsession with cleanliness. This means that the body, from infancy, is not exposed to enough dirt to train the immune system, which then reacts inappropriately to any respiratory mucous membranes and the immune system activate or reactivate the allergies. A cold, for example, can trigger a bronchial asthma attack. Moreover, the lack of ambient ventilation because of the cold weather and the concentration of indoor allergens, such as mites and fungi, increase and contribute to triggering this disease.

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