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Buddhist Mahayana Texts by E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

By E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

It is a subset of the Sacred Books of the East sequence such as translations of the entire most vital works of the seven non-Christian religions that have exercised a profound impression at the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The works were translated through major specialists of their box.

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Then a celestial being, wearing the form of a hunter, pure in heart, knowing his thoughts, approached near him in dark-red garments; and the son of the Sakya king thus addressed him: 61. ' 62. ' [1. ']] 63. With extreme joy he then took that sylvan dress and gave away the linen one; and the hunter, assuming his heavenly form, having taken the white garment, went to heaven. 64. Then the prince and the attendant of the horse were filled with wonder as he was thus going, and forthwith they paid great honor anew to that sylvan dress.

1. Professor Bühler suggests kâkrîdam, cf. sloka 28. 2. I read niyuktânâm for viyuktânâm. 3. Is this a reference to Krishna's story? but cf. Weber, Ind. Antiquary, vol. v, p. ] 18. And a woman low in standing and caste fascinated the great seer Gautama, though a master of long penances and old in years. 19. 'So Sântâ [1] by her various wiles captivated and subdued the sage's son Rishyasringa, unskilled in women's ways. 20. And the great seer Visvâmitra, though plunged in a profound penance [2], was carried captive for ten years in the forests by the nymph Ghritâkî [3].

Reverential behavior and compliance with her wishes are what binds a woman's heart; good qualities truly are a cause of love, and women love respect. 69. 'Wilt thou not then, Oh large-eyed prince, even if thy heart is unwilling, seek to please them with a courtesy worthy of this beauty of thine? 70. 'Courtesy is the balm of women, courtesy is the best ornament; beauty without courtesy is like a grove without flowers. 71. 'But of what use is courtesy by itself? Let it be assisted by the heart's feelings; surely, when worldly objects so hard to attain are in thy grasp, thou wilt not despise them.

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