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Die vermeidbaren Bauschadenskosten professional Jahr, verursacht durch unwirksame oder unzureichende Trockenlegungsmaßnahmen, belaufen sich auf mehrere Millionen. Die Autoren, ausgewiesene Mauerwerksspezialisten, behandeln eindrucksvoll das äußerst komplexe Fachgebiet der Mauerwerksdurchfeuchtung und die effiziente Durchführung einer erfolgreichen Bauwerkssanierung - von den Schadensursachen bis hin zur Abnahme der Bauleistungen.

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COM solar power > e-book > building-mounted photovoltaics Building-mounted PV Systems be the cause of a fire, they can create difficulties for firefighters. Threats to firefighters include electrical shock, trips and falls. The electrical shock threat is one that can be avoided by properly installed and located disconnects. When a fire occurs, a BMPV system may still be generating power. Every system should have an easily located and well-marked disconnect at ground level and in a place where it can be easily reached.

Although a stationary, flat-plate array is illustrated, the concept is equally valid for tracking or concentrator designs. One or more PV modules are used to supply DC power either directly to a load, or to charge a battery bank. Power requirements for DC loads can range from multi-watt to multi-kilowatt. System voltage and current requirements are met by wiring compatible modules in series and/or parallel to obtain the required power requirements. In stand-alone DC applications, system voltages of 12, 24 and 48 volts are the most common, although voltages as high as 240 volts DC are often used.

The best catalogue of incentives in the US is available through the DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency) website, which is maintained by the New York-based Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). 11). 13). The US government is in the process of providing federal loan guarantees for large projects or development of PV manufacturing facilities. Solyndra, for example, received a US$535 million loan guarantee in 2009. 15). Many governments fund programs designed to encourage investment in PV manufacturing facilities or to further advanced research.

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