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Capacitor Discharge Engineering by Frank B. A. Früngel

By Frank B. A. Früngel

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Coaxial Tank Series Capacitors Coaxial tank series capacitors are constructed to withstand the high peak currents and severe impulsive forces produced during rapid discharge. Extended foil construction and a recently developed highly conductive solder assure mechanically sound low-resistance connections capable of conducting high peak currents. Series connections of internal capacitor sections provide uniform stress distribution and corona-free operation. Electrical connections to the case side of the capacitors are normally made in a ring of studs arranged around the outer edge of the capacitor at 18 .

Today batteries with more than 2 Μ J are being used for plasma experiments. e. Small Nanosecond-Discharge Capacitors Low-energy ultrafast capacitors are often used for producing nanosecond light ñashes. The spark gap is incorporated in the capacitor itself. The candlepower (CP) peak light is approximately proportional to the peak of current voltage [1529]. ) 8. MEASUREMENTS OF U L T R A L O W I N D U C T A N C E ( N H ) CAPACITORS 41 H. 2 kV; duration 25 nsec(l/2 light). 5kV; duration 7 nsec (1/2 light).

R-- .... 1 2 A5a-1. 0 HEAT TRANSFER COEFFICIENTS (W/in. , Transformer oil Fluorochemical liquids I I / 1111111 10 o Cl Heat-transfer techniques compared [1901]. unless strip-line connections are to be used. ) so this information must be passed on to the supplier. Most containers are made of lead-coated steel (terneplate), or of glass, ceramic, or copper. The newest container for applications over 25 kV is a welded case of acetal plastic which provides built-in insulation and resistance against corrosion, but at a premium cost.

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