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Capricorn by Margarete Beim

By Margarete Beim

The main whole horoscopes publications on the market. each day, humans rely on their horoscopes for a glimpse at what is to come-and Berkley's renowned great Horoscopes supply the predictions that they are trying to find. With particular sections at the heritage and makes use of of astrology, those thoroughly up to date books exhibit precisely what the longer term holds. comprises: - certain every year and day-by-day forecasts - emerging indicators - fortunate numbers - The cusp-born 1900-2010 - indicators of the Zodiac - personality research - Love, romance, and marriage compatibility consultant - Moon tables - Planting and fishing courses - impression of the moon and planets - November and December 2005 day-by-day forecasts repeated

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He is never secretive or underhanded. He’s as good as his word. The Virgo person is gener­ ally plainspoken and down to earth. He has no trouble in express­ ing himself. The Virgo person likes to keep up to date on new developments in his particular field. Well-informed, generally, he sometimes has a keen interest in the arts or literature. What he knows, he knows well. His ability to use his critical faculties is well-developed and sometimes startles others because of its accuracy. Virgos adhere to a moderate way of life; they avoid excesses.

The Negative Side of Aquarius Aquarius may be too much of a dreamer. He makes plans but sel­ dom carries them out. He is rather unrealistic. His imagination has a tendency to run away with him. Because many of his plans are impractical, he is always in some sort of a dither. Others may not approve of him at all times because of his uncon­ ventional behavior. He may be a bit eccentric. Sometimes he is so busy with his own thoughts that he loses touch with the realities of existence. Some Aquarius feel they are more clever and intelligent than others.

They make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly reassured that they are loved. Lacking such reassurance, they may resort to sulking in silence. SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC / 39 Leo: July 21–August 21 The Positive Side of Leo Often Leos make good leaders. They seem to be good organizers and administrators. Usually they are quite popular with others. Whatever group it is that they belong to, the Leo man or woman is almost sure to be or become the leader. Loyalty, one of the Lion’s noblest traits, enables him or her to maintain this leadership posi­ tion.

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