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Car Science by Richard Hammond

By Richard Hammond

Automobile technology is an intuitive and effortless kid's technological know-how booklet in response to an issue pricey to kid's hearts: vehicles. In 4 sections, the ebook comprises: a timeline of automobile invention; a "how it really works" advisor to fashionable automobiles, with exploded diagrams, cutaways, and special effects; key physics thoughts, all on the subject of vehicles and the way they run; and a glance into the way forward for automobiles, together with green suggestion automobiles.

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Fighting friction If friction is the enemy of moving parts, lubrication (oiling things) is the enemy of friction. Liquids like oil make good lubricants because they spread between touching surfaces and can move around, preventing the tiny bumps and lumps from snagging. Bearings (rolling balls sandwiched between two moving metal parts) are another way of reducing friction. indd indd 5 57 dd 7 57 57 Handling This is getting Black magic Tires are what actually push a car along, and they do it by applying the force of friction.

Lubricating oils are used to reduce friction and wear between moving surfaces. Motor oil is used to protect engine parts. Fuel oils have a wide range of uses. Lighter oils contain more diesel and are used in ships and tractors, or as heating oil. Heavy oils are burned in power plant furnaces and industrial boilers. Bitumen, or asphalt, is a sticky, black semisolid that is mixed with small stones and used for road surfaces. 31 Power MAGN ETISM OF m motion tii n motion All the power in the world won’t budge a car unless that car can use its power to generate FORCES .

KINETIC ENERGY Moving objects have what we call kinetic energy. And as you’ll probably guess, the faster you’re going, the more kinetic energy you have. But if you double your speed, you don’t simply double your energy, because this is how the equation works: kinetic energy = ½ mv2, (m is mass, v is velocity). So if you double your speed, can you guess how much your kinetic energy increases? Answer in box. ind41 nd41 41 44 41 1 41 41 28/4/08 2 98 8//5 /4 /4 4/08 08 16:41:4 16:41:49 46 9 Speed You might think that speed is the ultimate thrill, but a high top speed is not actually what makes a car exciting to drive.

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