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You like the idea,” Loftus said, accurately reading Colin‟s mind. He leaned across his desk. ” Shellsworth protested. “If you had said something a year ago—” Loftus ignored him. Colin looked to his brother. Matt raised his eyebrows, letting him know this was his decision alone. ” Colin asked at last. ” His lordship shifted uncomfortably. “It‟s my way of giving her a dowry of sorts. ” Loftus didn‟t strike Colin as the selfless type. Seeing his doubt, his lordship confessed, “My wife dotes on her.

I am not at home,” she said firmly. ” “I can‟t do that,” the maid protested. “My lady, after you are gone, he‟s to pay my wages. ” She turned and ran down the stairs before Rosalyn could object. There was nothing else to do for it than to go and meet him. Rosalyn wasn‟t about to let him think she was hiding from him. Going downstairs, she started to brush the cobwebs off her skirts and then stopped. What did she care what he thought of her? Let him see her at her worst. She didn‟t even stop by her room to change her dress—although she did take a moment to glance at herself in a wall mirror and repinned her hair to tame the errant curls that were the bane of her existence.

Lady Loftus smiled, but the look in her eyes was one of pleasant dislike.

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