Case studies of Chinese economic reform, Volume 22 by Timothy King, Jiping Zhang

By Timothy King, Jiping Zhang

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The wrenching saga of a patriotic Communist kinfolk in China. this is often the non-public account of Zhu Xiao Di, born in Nanjing in 1958, the son of idealistic, trained mom and dad. on the middle of this narrative are the rigors of a kinfolk stuck within the crosscurrents of history--from the early points of interest of the Communist revolution to the nationwide catastrophe that and the next odyssey of restoration.

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Productive Performance in Chinese Enterprises: An Empirical Study

Because the rural township, village and personal organisations have gotten extra major within the chinese language economic system, this article specializes in the comparability of the agricultural (non-state) and nation agencies when it comes to functionality. The research relies at the empirical effects from estimating a number of construction features utilized to cross-section and panel facts.

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It is essential, too, to prepare a specific plan for using the case in the classroom. A strategy to work from may be suggested in the "Teaching Note" that accompanies most cases, or one may be built around the instructor's particular purposes and needs. The plan Page 20 contains guidelines on how the instructor is to perform his or her own role and specifies the teaching objectives that will be used to evaluate the success of the session. The instructor must know in advance precisely what kind of class discussion and what kind of outcome are intended and how the intended results are to be achieved.

Or should the concrete experiences be presented first and then used to derive a theoretical scheme? The traditional approach would be to begin with the theoretical, scheme. In this way, the student is not left to explore in the dark. Such exploration can be time-consuming when a teacher has to deal with large classes of students. The main drawback here is that students will tend to learn the theory by rote, without ever grasping it conceptually. Learning then becomes artificial and mechanical in the sense that students only remember the concepts long enough to pass examinations.

Reform in China has been associated with a willingness to accept selected foreign investment and to borrow abroad. The Red Soil Development Project case describes a project financed by the International Development Association (IDA), the soft loan arm of the World Bank, in a relatively poor area of China, and its effects after a little more than one year of implementation. Although this is a relatively specialized case, designed for use in the training of government auditors, it also provides the reader with a sense of the complexity inherent in converting a multimillion dollar loan to the central government into very large numbers of individual loans to small farmers, and with a snapshot of the way in which local government has been organized in the project areas.

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