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Cellular Automata by E. F. Codd, Robert L. Ashenhurst

By E. F. Codd, Robert L. Ashenhurst

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In this event, the addition of an external characterizer may be necessary, using either an arbitrary function generator, or a multiplier or divider as described in Ref. (7). Some work is proceeding in the area of using power-recovery turbines as control valves (8). While this is a commendable goal, it would seem to be beyond the sphere of control valve manufacturers. Instead, the process designer should specify the power-recovery equipment needed to fit his plant, and then let control valves be selected to regulate that equipment as efficiently as practicable.

W o o d should be dried uniformly prior to use as fuel. 4. Coordinating Multiple Fuels Industry is urged to use waste products as fuel whenever possible, both to reclaim their heating value and to eliminate the pollution that they otherwise might cause. In many cases, if not most, these products tend to be p o o r fuels with low heating value, which is why they are not salable. In a petroleum refinery, hydrogen and ethane available as byproducts from reforming and cracking operations are usually dumped into a general fuel-gas header.

This arrange­ ment also protects against a fan failure or a sticking fuel valve. F o r the dual selector system to function, air and fuel flows must be scaled on the same heat-equivalent basis. Here, volumetric or mass flow units are meaningless. This is why recalibration of the air system is provided on the measurement side of its flow controller rather than on the set-point side. Β. Controlling Airflow 57 Heat demand Corrected airflow < > Fuel set point Airflow set point Fig. 2 .

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