Chart Your Way to Profits: The Online Trader’s Guide to by Tim Knight

By Tim Knight

Chart Your technique to gains exhibits you ways to harness the know-how to be had on to investigate markets and make expert buying and selling judgements. It discusses the basics of technical research and indicates you ways to layout your personal charts and symptoms in a manner that permits you to simply video display the markets and make good buying and selling judgements.

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The first task is to actually get to the charting system itself, which is ProphetCharts. To get to ProphetCharts, you’ll need: 1. A computer with high-speed Internet access. 2. com). For the purposes of this book, we will assume that you are starting from scratch; that is, you have no saved chart styles, study sets, watch lists, or any other settings. There is no harm if you do have some settings already, but we will approach this from the vantage point of having a clean slate. ARITHMETIC VERSUS LOGARITHMIC One of the most important properties of a chart is whether it is arithmetically scaled or logarithmically scaled.

There are a variety of things to notice about this chart: • The volume was slowly picking up during the formation of the breakout pattern; it’s always encouraging to see interest in a stock grow, even before the breakout. • When the stock did break out (indicated by the circle), it paused for a little while, but it did not sink beneath the former resistance line; thus, the pattern was tested successfully. • Subsequent to the breakout, volume increased steadily. From the point of the breakout, the stock went on to an almost unthinkable 40,000% gain.

As buyers clamor to get into a stock, the excitement feeds off itself. It took a threefold rise in the stock’s price before PTR paused at all and its prices eased for a while. MORE BREAKDOWNS The same principles that relate to ascending stock prices hold true for descending prices, except that volume isn’t quite so important. But what you need to watch are the same simple guidelines of support, resistance, and pattern recognition. 20. The stock had been a top performer from 1985 through 1999, rising well over ten-fold.

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