China: 3000 Years of Art and Literature by Jason Steuber

By Jason Steuber

A window right into a global of outstanding good looks and secret, China a party in artwork and Literature finds the fantastic 5,000-year-old heritage of this historical and fascination tradition. In 240 pages and greater than a hundred full-color pictures, this quantity lines China via its stories and tales, performs and poetry, work and objects--from historic divinations incised on bovine scapula to trendy «peoples literature» spawned from revolution from Tang dynasty silk scrolls depicting chic mountain valleys to government-commissioned propoganda posters.China comprises textual content and photographs which are chornologically ordered in every one of its 8 thematic chapters
Birth & Life
Nature & Environment
Love & Family
Mind & Memory
Food & Drink
War & Politics
Religion & Spirituality
Death & Afterlife
Among the literary decisions integrated are the well-known booklet of Songs, the epic Dream of crimson Towers, the advanced dramatic masterpiece The Romance of the Western Chamber, and works from Confucious, Laozi, Du Fu, and Su Shi.
More than a hundred artworks from the traditional to the modern, via artists together with Gu Kaizhi, Wang Hui, Lam Qua, and Li Keran. the vast majority of the photographs might be from best Asian paintings collections within the US The Metropolitan Museum of paintings, The Boston Museum of excellent artwork, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of paintings, in Kansas urban, The De younger in San Francisco with the remaining coming from Europe (the British Museum) and China.
The certain pairings of paintings and literature in China will enrapture as they reveal--this anthology will necessarily grip all who input it, be they subtle appreciators or keen beginners of China.

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The attributed author ofmore than a thousand poems, Li Bo remains one ofthe most important figures in Chinese literattlrll. Unequaled in his ability to draw from tTaditional folk songs and oral histories, Li Bo moved beyond upeating the past and succeeded in bringing the past to life again in the pt'"esent - even beyond his own time and place to readers today. 49 ON SEEING A HORSE-PAINTING BY CAO BA Du Fu (712-770) amOng painters of saddle-horses who have won recognition Imperial kinsmen and all the most powerful in the land, since the beginning of our dynasty, the Prince of Jiangdu who felt that their screens would acquire no lustre until was for long the only one who could be reckoned an inspired painter.

Qiu Ying's album leaf illustrates three scholars in a bamboo garden grove. viewing paintings and objem from antiquity. ,. ,. • • • J , J - NATURE &. ENVIRONMENT A.. 'V' MY OLD TRIP THROUGH THE YANGZI GORGES Lu You (1125-1210) ~ng ago I made that journey, fall rain coming down lightly, reached the east wall of Jianping just as gates were closing. Host at the inn met me with greetings, words rambling on and on, his young wife grinding and cooking in her cheap white robe. Old boatmen who work the river, some drunk, some sobered up; merchants from Shu, peddlers of the gorges, clever at closing a deal; soon lamps went dark, people getting ready for bed, though outside we could still hear boats tying up, baggage being unloaded from horses.

Even if heaven and earth were not so still and silent, perhaps I still would not be able to do so. At this juncture oflight and darkness, life and death, past and future, I offer this clump of wild grass before friends and foes, men and beasts, the loving and the unloving as my witness. For my sake, and for the sake of friends and foes, men and beasts, those loving and unloving, I hope that death and decay will come speedily to this grass. If not, then I will not have lived, and this would be an even greater misfortune than death and decay.

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