Chinese by Catherine Meek, Mao Yan (auth.), Brian Hill (eds.)

By Catherine Meek, Mao Yan (auth.), Brian Hill (eds.)

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To give change Spirit of China 36 BREAKTHROUGH CHINESE Grammar 'Measure words' / classifiers In Mandarin, there must be a word separating a number and a noun for the phrase to make sense. ) This word is often called a 'measure word' but it also acts as a classifier, that is, it often implies something about the noun to which it refers. There is a range of measure words to select from, and sometimes it is obvious which to use, as in yi bili chao However, not all measure words have an exact English translation, and their use must therefore simply be learned.

En .. women you liu wei daren, yi. yi wei xiaohiiir. Hao lei, gen wo dao zhe bianr liii ba. Hao ba. xiaojie miss daren adult xiaohliir child or children dao to reach, to lai to come wei refers to people. As mentioned in Unit 2, Dialogue 3, in Chinese there must be a word separating a number and a noun and throughout this Unit you will come across further examples. Yi wei xiaohliir, 'one child'. Wei has the same function here as kon in san kon ren, which you came across in Unit 2. ) nimen ji wei?

WO neng zai zher zhu rna? Keyi. Qing wen, nfn shi lai Iiiy6u rna? Bu, wo shi lai zuo shengyi de. En, name qing wen nfn zai zhe Ii yao zhu ji tian ne? Ao, wo xiang wo dayue yao zhu san tian ba. En, hao de, na qing nfn tian yixia ruzhUdengjidan, hao rna? Hao de, xiexie. keyi can (permission) neng can (to be able) yixie some zhu to stay, to live name in that case, so 42 zhe Ii here xiang to think, to think of dayue approximately thin to fill in ruzhudengjidan registration form BREAKTHROUGH CHINESE zaoshang hao good morning wo keyi wei nin zuo yixie shenrne rna?

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