Chinese Mythology A to Z, 2nd Edition by Jeremy Roberts

By Jeremy Roberts

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She appears in several tales as an ally of Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, to dry up a great storm that his enemy Chiyou brought against Huang Di’s army. Ba (Pa) A state of ancient China in the Szechwan region of south central China. c. , it became part of Shu (see Lord of the Granary). bamboo An important plant in Chinese culture and myth. There are many different species, some as tall as 40 feet and three feet in diameter. Bamboo was considered a symbol of longevity and also was said to have many healing properties.

Wealthy homes might have a front court for visitors that was connected to a building where the male owner lived and conducted business and a separate building for the owner’s family. Since women were segregated from the larger society, and because wealthy men might have several wives, there might be a separate building for the wives and concubines, as well as a separate building for children and servants. If there were several generations living in the house, there might  arhat Sculptures of dragons and other mythological creatures are mounted to a building’s roof as protection against evil spirits, fire, flood, and other disasters.

Classic of Change See I Ching. Classic of History See Shujing. c. d. often used as a source by scholars studying myths. Classic of Poetry concubine The second or lesser wife of one man. China was, until the communist revolution, a polygamous society, where men were allowed more than one wife. The families usually arranged the See Shijing.

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