Cleopatras by John Whitehorne

By John Whitehorne

Even though there are various books written concerning the most renowned Cleopatra, this can be the one learn in English dedicated to her much less famous yet both illustrious namesakes.
Cleopatras strains the turbulent lives and careers of those traditionally vital ladies, interpreting particularly the sooner Macedonian and Ptolemaic Cleopatras, and the influence in their dynastic marriages at the background of the Hellenistic global. John Whitehorne additionally evaluates present perspectives of Cleopatra VII's dramatic suicide, and considers the evolving political value of royal ladies within the final 3 centuries BC.
Clearly and engagingly written, Cleopatras finds the real value to the ruling dynasties of the 34 recognized Cleopatras who weren't Cleopatra the nice, and illuminates a few attention-grabbing yet little-known elements of old Greek and Egyptian heritage alongside the best way.

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He determined to take his own life, but not before he had confided in his commander Attalus. Shortly afterwards he met his death in battle, heroically interposing his own body between that of his lover and king and a ravening band of Illyrians. The nobility of Pausanias’ death ensured that the whole matter immediately became something of a cause célèbre among the Macedonians, and the subject of intense gossip at court. Intent on avenging the young man’s death, general Attalus hit upon a particularly nasty plan.

400 BC) another daughter was put to similar use in an attempt to stall the claims of a collateral branch of the Argeads. This was the line descended from Menelaus, a paternal uncle whom Archelaus had neglected to assassinate along with the others back in 413 BC—a rather grave error of omission as matters turned out. 11). It is likely, however, that one or the other of these marriages backfired on the king. In 399 BC Archelaus was killed during a hunting expedition by a stray spear thrown by a homosexual companion called Craterus or Crateuas, who was probably one of the Royal Pages.

435 to c. 413 BC. 15 The provisions of the treaty itself, however, seem to fit best into the context of what we know of the events of 423/2 BC, which is the date to which the inscription was originally assigned. In so far as they can be seen, the terms of the main part of the treaty provide for Perdiccas and the other Macedonian princes to swear an oath that they shall have the same friends and enemies as the Athenians (line 28), and they shall allow no one except Athenians to export oars from Macedon (line 31).

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