Cloud Charts: Trading Success with the Ichimoku Technique by David Beckett Linton

By David Beckett Linton

Fresh - now not learn, yet has mild dents to backside outdoor corners of the hardcover.

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Using someone else’s idea or system is unlikely to work because of the inconsistent match between personal tolerances for risk and reward. There is a great emotional need to be right, and the allure of consistent returns is high, natural, and dangerous. Remember that this is a risk business. To assume that a certain percentage can be extracted from the market every month like the compound interest on a certificate of deposit is a recipe for failure. If you are looking for consistent returns and low volatility, go buy a bond—you are not ready for the risks of trading.

These were only marginally higher lows. 00) on the medium-term MACD. 10. Note the elongated (triple) base with MACD moving up to zero several times. The tipoff on these patterns is the last decline, which invariably is very shallow on MACD. 00 should be a major hint that the end of the downtrend is at hand or, at a minimum, very near. 00. 00 to only a very shallow reading as the ratio virtually retested its former lows. The pronounced divergence on MACD, which then recrossed to the upside, was followed by the R/S ratio breakout back above the 200-day average, which was solid evidence that a major turn was at hand.

One of my favorites is to buy into sectors that are out of favor for a period of at least six months, if not more—preferably one year to 18 months. One positive element involved in this approach is that normally, when a sector is depressed, properly used technical analysis can help you better control your risk. Thus, in this approach, I am ideally looking for sectors that have declined in a meaningful manner over a period of months, and are usually near the bottom of list in sector rankings like Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) or Barron’s with its Dow Jones Industry Group rankings.

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