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Condensation by William B. Rice

By William B. Rice

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The Sky's Not Falling!: Why It's Ok to Chill About Global Warming

"The Sky's no longer Falling! " is the balanced substitute to Scholastic's fear-inducing worldwide warming little ones' publication. Debuting a similar day as star spouse Laurie David's "Down-to-Earth consultant to international Warming," "The Sky's now not Falling! " is for fogeys unwell of seeing their youngsters indoctrinated through has-been politicians and Hollywood stars.

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Remember to order healthy as their parent, too—you can never give up being the role model. At the sports stadiums, things have changed quite a bit—grilled chicken sandwiches, wraps, grilled hamburgers, frozen lemonade, peanuts, frozen yogurt, and the like—many of these items are now appearing across the country. Certainly aiming for better choices than the traditional foot-long hot dogs, fries, and nachos, professional stadiums are finally offering options that are more worthwhile and easier on the heart.

At least 10 percent of females in the United States suffer from an eating disorder. Eating disorder victims can range from as young as five- to eight-year-olds, to women in their fifties and sixties. Generally, there are two “types” of eating disorder patients: those who are in a very difficult phase of life, and with effective therapies can overcome the eating disorder and lead a normal life, and those who live forever with symptoms of their food issues, never living a normal life, some even succumbing to death.

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