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Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals, Volume I by Tzvi Abusch and Daniel Schwemer

By Tzvi Abusch and Daniel Schwemer

One of the most vital resources for figuring out the cultures and platforms of considered old Mesopotamia is a big physique of magical and scientific texts written within the Sumerian and Akkadian languages. an extremely major department of this literature centres upon witchcraft. Mesopotamian anti-witchcraft rituals and incantations characteristic ill-health and misfortune to the magic machinations of witches and prescribe ceremonies, units, and coverings for dispelling witchcraft, destroying the witch, and maintaining and curing the sufferer. The Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals goals to provide a reconstruction of this physique of texts; it offers severe versions of the appropriate rituals and prescriptions in line with the learn of the cuneiform drugs and fragments recovered from the libraries of old Mesopotamia.

This is the 1st quantity within the three-part Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals sequence. Volumes and 3 are anticipated in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

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The altar was loaded with bread and with a confection made of honey (or date syrup) and ghee; dates and fine flour were strewn on top. If a sheep was sacrificed, the various meat portions were put on the altar as well. A libation of beer was made; often a special libation vessel was set up for this purpose, but sometimes the beverages were provided in bottles that were then placed on the altar. The offering arrangement could be set off from the rest of the ritual area by lines drawn with flour; in any case, the destructive rites carried out at a later point in the ritual would often take place at some distance from the offering arrangement.

Mayer, OrNS 59 [1990] 466–69), ll. 17– 20, which are similar to the intrusion in ‘Ea 1a’ and seem to be an insertion. For BMS 9 obv. //, see Abusch, JAOS 103 (1983) 3–15. BMS 7 rev. // BMS 57 // AOAT 34, 25, ed. Ebeling, AGH, 58–61, cf. Mayer, UFBG, 388, Seux, HPDBA, 343–45. 19 has been modified by stereotypical additions. That this (still fragmentary) text is some form of composite is clear from the following:35 (1) whereas ll. 1– 25 are addressed not only to Išḫara but to other deities as well, ll.

24 INTRODUCTION: THE CORPUS OF MESOPOTAMIAN ANTI-WITCHCRAFT RITUALS allels). 8, 7. with parallels). More conventional purification rites involve donning a clean garment, moving a censer, torch and holy water vessel past the patient or fumigating the patient. Finally, it should be noted that a few anti-witchcraft rituals, such as the Marduk-rituals KAR 26 = KAL 2, 21 // and BMS 12+ // (ed. Mayer, OrNS 68 [1999] 145–63 and OrNS 62 [1993] 313–37), include detailed instructions for the production and ceremonial consecration of apotropaia effective against witchcraft.

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