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Corruption and the Secret of Law (Law, Justice and Power) by Monique Nuijten and Gerhard Anders

By Monique Nuijten and Gerhard Anders

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Leshem attracts on Hannah Arendt's historical past of politics and Michel Foucault's family tree of financial system and philosophy. He consults exegetical and apologetic tracts, homilies and eulogies, manuals and correspondence, and Church canons and creeds to track the impression of the economic climate on Christian orthodoxy. basically via moving the origins of modernity in past due Antiquity, Leshem argues, will we confront the total influence of the neoliberal marketized economic climate on modern societies. Then, he proposes, a brand new political philosophy that re-secularizes the economic system will take form and rework the human condition.

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Though on the one hand abstaining from any moral condemnation and normative judgment appears an essential imperative for the success of a study on corruption, on the other hand it would be awkward—entrenched behind the presupposition of neutrality characteristic of research in the social sciences—to brush aside the axiological dimension of the phenomenon. Corruption as Transaction In order to “decriminalize” corruption, it is appropriate to reintegrate it into a more ordinary space, by looking at the nature of social and political relations that are at stake, as well as the resources (symbolic and material) mobilized in the corruptive exchange.

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