Coupled processes in subsurface deformation, flow, and by Bai, Miao; Elsworth, Derek

By Bai, Miao; Elsworth, Derek

''Coupled strategies in Subsurface Deformation, circulation, and Transport'' offers a rational and unified therapy of coupled procedures, with emphasis at the coupling and feedbacks current the place sturdy deformation, fluid circulate, and solute shipping mix, and within the illustration of heterogeneous media via multi-porosity ways. Analytical and numerical options are offered for subsurface structures subjected to various mechanical, thermal, and chemical disturbances. this is often a useful reference e-book or educating textual content, from which civil, mining, petroleum, environmental, chemical, technique, and geological engineers, and geological scientists will achieve an figuring out of the theoretical bases and connections among deformation, movement, and shipping within the subsurface. Likewise, readers will learn how to distinguish among coupled and uncoupled strategies and their respective restraints and significances, understand the consequences of heterogeneities on deformation, movement, and shipping within the subsurface, overview or examine well known and designated analytical and numerical tools within the comparable fields, and hyperlink basic theories with functional purposes in multidisciplinary components. major, new, and not ahead of released ideas, are incorporated

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Contraction Contraction of a tensor sets two indices as equal. This automatically reduces the order of the tensor by 2. Therefore it is only applicable to tensors of order greater than 1. Repeated contraction can reduce a higher order tensor to a lower order tensor or even a scalar, if the order is even. The product of two tensors followed by double contraction is known as the double inner product. , 23 where a and e are stress and strain tensors, and M is the stiffness tensor. In Eq. 14), contracting twice means putting indices j — I and i = k.

The mixture may be viewed as a superposition of a number of singlecontinua, each following its own motion. In addition, at any time, each position in the mixture is occupied simultaneously by several different constituents, each possessing particular characteristics. The theory of mixtures was originally developed as a thermodynamic framework to describe thermomechanical behaviors of materials consisting of more than one constituent (Atkin and Craine 1976). The theory was extended to fluid flow in porous media which was viewed as a composite-substance (Crochet and Naghdi 1966).

4 Definition of Coupled Process "Coupled processes" are defined as events that occur simultaneously and provide feedback to other parallel processes. A variety of coupled processes are present in the subsurface. The focus of this treatise is on fluid flow through deformable porous media, where the fluid potential may impose additional force to affect the equilibrium of an elastic system, with a reciprocal consequence that expansive or contractile body strains may exert internal influences over the variations of fluid flux.

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