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Crossed-field Microwave Device. Principal Elements of by G. Mourier

By G. Mourier

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Holding Constant Amplitude with Feedback G. A m p l i t u d e M o d u l a t i n g t h e C o l d - P o s t P o t e n t i a l H. F M and A M Modulation Rates I. N o i s e Measurements X I . R F Circuits for V o l t a g e - T u n a b l e M a g n e t r o n A . T h e B a l u n - R i d g e Circuit 67 67 68 71 72 73 73 73 74 74 75 35 36 D. A. WILBUR AND P. H. PETERS, B. The Pillbox Tuner C . E x a m p l e of N a r r o w T u n i n g R a n g e P e r f o r m a n c e X I I . Packaged Voltage-Tunable Magnetrons X I I I .

When the rf voltage is too small to sustain bunching and synchronization, oscillation stops. The end points on each beam current curve correspond to such power limits and are set by the rf voltage which will just produce proper bunching. 2 51 VOLTAGE-TUNABLE MAGNETRON AV Vrf *-H-h^h)ttB-h> I ι i ι I ι i ι i ι ϊ ι ] I v Co yep Vs F I G . 1 3 . B e a m current p l o t s and o p e r a t i n g p o i n t s at v a r i o u s v o l t a g e l e v e l s d e m o n ­ strate o p e r a t i o n a l l i m i t s of V T M .

H. PETERS, JR. crease rapidly with the increase in design center frequency. Eventually the vane susceptance will become greater than the inductive susceptance which can be produced by the beam. This condition places an upper fre­ quency limit on the design of this type of interdigital voltage-tunable magnetron for wide band operation. This frequency limit may be ex­ tended if the operating voltage range is centered about a higher value of anode voltage. B . NARROW BAND VOLTAGE TUNING In narrow band operation the vane capacitive reactance may be made resonant at the band center frequency with an inductive circuit element, and a higher value of load resistance may be used to obtain higher power outputs over a smaller frequency range.

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