Decision Support Systems: Water Resources Planning by Daniel P. Loucks, Joao R. da Costa

By Daniel P. Loucks, Joao R. da Costa

Various optimization and simulation types are actually com- monly used to aid water source planners and bosses establish, review and expect themultiple affects from va- rious activities or judgements you possibly can make in regards to the deve- lopment and administration of a region's water assets. Cur- lease advancements in desktop expertise are making it pos- sible to hyperlink those versions to courses that supply an in- terface betwe- en the choice maker and their versions and compu- ters. the quantity discusses how those so-called deci- sion help platforms might be top built and used bythose inquisitive about water assets making plans and administration.

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18 There does not now appear to be any limit on advancement of modeling other than budgetary priorities. Model Developers Because water resource management is largely a government activity, and governmental agencies have been the principal sponsors of modeling technology, the market for proprietary software has been relatively small in comparison to overall model usage in the field. There is an understandable reluctance of governmental agencies to pay royalties for proprietary packages unless their uniqueness can be clearly demonstrated and the model itself does not engender controversy in competition with alternative software.

Additionally, the issues of modeling reliability and uncertainty are deserving of concentrated research effort. For the reasons noted in the above discussion of modeling calibration/verification/validation, there is a clear need to devise improved tests of model performance and to standardize the procedures for assessing the reliability of models. g. , models that characterize stochastic processes are in need of development. Traditional methods of evaluating uncertainty, like Monte Carlo simulation and error analysis, are often useful components of decision support systems.

But to put it into practice, there must be a fertile institutional environment among the water agencies, and consultants must have the need to use the new technology. These factors are established by public opinion, as expressed by politicians through regulations and political priorities. Policies towards protecting the natural environment, or managing water efficiently, or allocating budgets to specific goals of society, provide an opportunistic atmosphere for some types of new technology. Other new concepts that do not fit this mold will have a more difficult time.

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