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Defending Zion: Edom's Desolation and Jacob's Restoration by Claire R. Mathews

By Claire R. Mathews

This monograph originated as a Yale college doctoral dissertation. It hence has lots of the ordinary merits and obstacles of this style. one of the benefits are copious footnotes and wide bibliographical references. one of the hazards are the slender concentration upon chapters of the booklet of Isaiah, and long, hugely certain examinations of positions that would finally be rejected.
There are different strengths of this paintings that increase it above common dissertation fare, although, corresponding to its readability of expression and the strangely cautious, transparent, and coherent good judgment through which the most theses are constructed. each proper place of prior students is tested completely with sympathy and equity, whether eventually rejected. This paintings therefore presents a very good survey of earlier learn that may serve any pupil or pupil with an illuminating overview of the foremost matters at stake within the examine of the redaction of the e-book of Isaiah.

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Dtn 33:15-16 Isa 42:10; Ps 96:11; 98:7; 1 Chr 16:32. jj Ps 24:1 parallels "the earth and all that is in it" with the world and "those who live in it" (ΠΙ Cf Amos 6:8, DN^>31 "Py. So also Lutz, Jahwe, Jerusalem und die Völker, 86. Form-Critical Analyses 37 poetic lines in which the earth or world are paired with terms other than the heavens or one with another seems to confirm this view. 1. Summons to Witnesses While 34:1 deviates from the usual form of the simple "call to attention" identifying the recipients of reproach and judgment, other form-critical possibilities remain.

ZAW 99 (1987) 339-360, esp. 355ff. See Gunkel, Einleitung in die Psalmen, 364-365; Köhler, Deuterojesaja, 110-120. See for instance Daniels, "Prophetic Lawsuit"; Michael de Roche, "Yahweh's rîb Against Israel: A Reassessment of the So-Called 'Prophetic Lawsuit' in the pre-exilic Prophets," JBL 102 (1983) 563-574. 2. Summons To Receive Instruction Hans Walter Wolff suggests another classification of the two-part summons such as is found in Isa 34:1. H. Steck draws on Wolffs analysis of this form in concluding that what is introduced in 34:1 is an instructional event (Lehrgeschehen); the peoples are meant to receive instruction, or warning, from the destruction of the Edomites, as is the earth to receive instruction from the transformation of Edomite land into a barren wilderness.

H. 1 This problem arises out of a perceived logical inconsistency in the progression of the chapter. If all nations are judged in vv. 2 Yet as the history of research rehearsed in ch. 2 has shown, the relationship between the nations' and Edom's judgment in vv. 2-4 and 5ff. is not simply a problem of redundancy or logical inconsistency; if one wishes to understand why an oracle against Edom appears outside of Isaiah's foreign nation oracles at this transitional juncture in the book, and if one wishes to understand why the devastation of Edom has been juxtaposed with a poem depicting the renewal of the wilderness and return of the ransomed of the Lord to Zion, then the introduction of the Edom oracle with a judgment against all nations presents itself as a most promising, and prominent, clue to the whole.

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