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Deserts (Biomes) by Erinn Banting

By Erinn Banting

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"The Sky's no longer Falling! " is the balanced replacement to Scholastic's fear-inducing international warming young children' publication. Debuting an analogous day as big name spouse Laurie David's "Down-to-Earth advisor to international Warming," "The Sky's now not Falling! " is for folks in poor health of seeing their children indoctrinated through has-been politicians and Hollywood stars.

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In go banana peels, grass clippings, and even an old jack-o’-lantern. The compost goes into the garden to make the soil rich for new plants. 30% Compost is good for the earth. Composting also helps us make less 30 garbage. In this book, you can watch as one family makes compost for their garden and also learn how to start your very own compost bin!

Chop up a few food scraps (an apple core, carrot scrapings, salad—no meat or dairy), and add them to the dirt in the pot. • Add some more dirt to the pot. • Turn the mixture with a spoon every few days, and keep it damp (not wet) by spraying or sprinkling with water. Always make sure that there is dirt on the top layer after you’ve turned the mixture over. ” They’ve turned into compost. Now you can plant something in the compost and soil mixture. WHY IS COMPOSTING IMPORTANT? Much garbage thrown away each year is organic matter, which can be composted.

It puts important nutrients back into the soil. It makes the earth richer and helps plants grow. So composting helps the earth in many ways. To John, my composting partner year in and year out, summer and winter, rain and shine. G. For Arden, Mia, Andrea, and Bob, who made composting fun through the seasons. R. Text copyright © 2010 by Linda Glaser Photographs copyright © 2010 by Shelley Rotner All rights reserved. International copyright secured. , except for the inclusion of brief quotations in an acknowledged review.

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