Mariá José Arjona

B. 1973, Colombia
Right At The Center There Is Silence, 2011
Video, 5′ 42″

“This performance is the starting point from a performance cycle titled ACTIVE VOICE. Fundamentally, our voice is heard for the first time when we are born: An exclamation and signal that we are alive (crying). Right after, comes the evolution of language and literacy, allowing us to communicate and inter-connect with others, simultaneously constructing an inner world that shapes the outside landscape only possible to communicate and share, by talking (in first instance-writing is a result of a learning process). Your voice is a vehicle, it establishes a presence, it addresses who you are.

Silence many times states beyond words, emotions that are not possible to verbalize; it carries a dose of fear, it breaks a conversation, it puts us in an uncomfortable state. Silence in different times of history has been a way to protest, a form of revolution; silence expresses a resistance to what is being said or done, it creates tension beyond rational understanding. Silence can ease a conflict or it might turn it into a major revolt. Silence might be sensed as a state of mind where we are totally in the present (meditating) or it can be used as a weapon to hide politically incorrect statements. Silence is a double edge action where some stillness is being revealed in terms of the body-mind. Both of then, silence and stillness, are the opposite of what culture promotes even though we complain for the amount of noise we are exposed to daily.” (Maria Jose Arjona)

Courtesy of Maria Jose Arjona and Mor-Charpentier Gallery