Micol Hebron

Micol Hebron | Roll Call, Part I | Auto Body Miami at Giant Motors from Auto Body on Vimeo.

Micol Hebron | Roll Call, Part II | Auto Body Miami at Giant Motors from Auto Body on Vimeo.

B. 1972, US
Roll Call, 2013-2014
Saturday, December 6, 2014 – Part I. Roll Call
Sunday, December 7, 2014 – Part II. Roll Call

Inspired by Carolee Schneemann’s historic feminist performance, Interior Scroll, Hebron performed at the opening night of the Pretty Vacant exhibition in Los Angeles and pulled a long scroll of paper from her vagina. She read out loud the text that was printed on the paper (scroll), which included a list of gender statistics – the ratio of male and female artists represented – at each of 88 Los Angeles galleries. Counting over 2000 artists in these galleries in 2013, 70% of them were male.

Schneemann performed Interior Scroll in 1973. The text on her scroll advised women on what kind of treatment and attitudes to expect from a patriarchal world. She referred to the vagina as a space of “interior knowledge.” This canonic performance served as an inspiration to challenge inequities in the systems of the art world. Hebron found that Schneemann’s writings on vulvic space were totally appropriate to her agenda to find a space for women in the art world, and thus for Roll Call she used the very space that makes her biologically feminine, as the place from which she pulled the scroll of data regarding gender bias.

As with many of Hebron’s performances, she uses her own body as a conduit for information. For Auto Body she will perform Roll Call, using information about gender bias in the art world, symbolizing the act of birthing new information and new realities from the vagina, addressing the idea that this information once hidden is now out in the open and no longer ‘’private.’’